Our Team

Kellie S.



Kellie is the main force behind Feather & Pearl and is proud to bring to you a piece of her family heritage.  She is thrilled to create a healthy, high-caliber products that highlight the place she where she grew up and the parts of the country she loves so much. She spends her days working as an advocate for children, and instructs experiential learning programs for her community whenever she can. 

When she is not hard at work pouring wax onto wick, she likes to spend her time outside, especially on the river, and spend time with her wonderful friends and family. She also loves to cook, refinish furniture, and dabble in just about any craft you can imagine. 

Baxter S.

Operations Director, and Logistics Genius

Baxter has been with the business since the very first candle was poured in Kellie's apartment kitchen. He has been integral in coordinating the logistics of big supply orders, drafting policies and contracts, and is quite adept at wick centering. He spends his predominate work hours as an attorney, but is always willing to help us out, particularly during busy ordering seasons. 

Baxter is also an avid outdoorsman and loves any excuse to head into the mountains.

He is very active in his community, teaching classes, volunteering for the rescue squad, and helping out the local boy scout chapters as an Eagle Scout. He instructs several classes for the community as well. 


Customer Service

Gatsby has been Kellie's sidekick for five years now, since he was just a 6-week old puppy. In those five years he has travelled with her to over 30 states, and had a number of adventures. He is very laid back and eager to please, and a master at customer service. Let's face it-who can be mad at that sweet face? 

In his free time, Gatsby likes to lounge on the sofa, sneak food and treats at any opportune moment, and hide his toys where he cannot reach them. His favorite pastime is boofing loudly to alert us to every potential danger, including mailmen, squirrels, leaves, and other neighborhood dogs. 

He has two feline accomplices in his shenanigans who are not pictured: Maggie, and Gru.